About Us

Global Solution center has very comprehensive, versatile competence on innovative solutions in intelligent, integrated automation and security systems for a very wide variety of buildings. offer a comprehensive range of specialist networking services and technical solutions aimed at small to medium sized enterprises (SME) across a broad range of products throughout the Country. We are able to handle even the largest, most complex projects professionally. As part of our business expansion and to cater our valuable customer’s with “ONE STOP SHOP” policy we have a division “Networking Solution and IT Solution”. Our divisions have repeatedly earned the best reputation in the industry for both quality of work and professionalism, making them the partner of choice for selective building owners across the country.

We are dedicated to the service and reliability that secures long-term investments on your building integration and planned technology convergence is the way to protect your system investments and ensure enduring building value. Turn to the leader in applications and help you bring together both new and existing systems for highly efficient building operation and affordable growth.

The integration engineers and project managers at Global Solution center can help you plan for the future with system technology that’s truly versatile. They’ll work together with you to design, specify, install and commission modular systems that communication freely with enterprise systems and applications and with Internet and intranet sources for streamlined building management tasks.

Here’s What You Can Expect with Global Solution center Integrated Systems solutions: 

  • More efficient building performance
  • Simpler operation and control
  • Reduced Energy And Operating Costs
  • Increased investment Returns